Susie, one of the most highly regarded professionals in the field of permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing.  Along with permanent makeup, she is also recognized to minimize the appearance of surgical scars, camouflage, correction of breast areola and hair-loss scalp pigmentation. She performs state of the art micro-pigmentation techniques and is recommended by some of the best reconstructive surgeons in NSW. Her reputation has been built on her unique style, combined with the use of the highest quality permanent makeup products, equipment available.

She is always on the look for the latest technique, trends and eager to stay updated with the industry, travel around the world attending seminars and workshops, webinars by the top master tattooist worldwide.

 Susie Finato

Beauty & Spa Therapist

Permanent MakeUp & Cosmetic/Para Medical Tattoo ~ Plasma Lift Specialist

Permanent MakeUp- Cosmetic Tattoo

Basic & Advanced Diploma, Permanent MakeUp ~Sydney .

Advanced Permanent Makeup Course & Microblading ~ Medical Skin Needling ~ Minor Skin Irregularities Removal ~ Biotouch US/2012

MASTER COURSE; Stardust/Combination Brow & Magic Eye Liner/Eyelids Shading & Aquarelle Lips(LipBlusing) ~ S. O.~/Praga 2016

Nano Brow, Master Course  S. S. UK

Natural Eye Brows- Hair Strokes, Master course ~Alan Spanosa /Athen 2016

Scalp Pigmentation ~ Tony Belfatto & Moshe Alul

Microblading~ HypoRealistic Brows~ Branco Barbic

3/D Areola Pigmentation~ Ina Bennoun Hanani /2016

Vitiligo/Camouflage ~Ennio Orsini/2016

Tattoo Removal~ Lorena Ober

Plasma Lift /2017

Lip Tattoo  Eu/2018 P.O

Russian Lip Tattoo /2019

Dark Lips Lightening Neutralization /2020

Melanin Correction~Lip Tattoo/2020