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Dark Lip Neutralization is a unique procedure for those with cool or dark-toned lips.  Correcting Dark or Vitiligo Lips is a special skill, the latest tattooing technique in cosmetic tattooing/permanent makeup and is unique to every individual and their requirements.  Offen two sessions of neutralising are needed to enhance the base colour. The natural lip color blends with the tattoo, give you a naturalresults.

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Dark Lip Neutralisation -Colour Correction

If you’re looking for subtle, then permanent makeup dark lip neutralisation tattooing offer to you the best solution to improve the colour of your lips. Lip color correction tattooing is ideal for people who have a dark lip or suffer from vitiligo, or those who have scars on their lips.

Dark lips can be tattooed,  but with an extra care otherwise the melanin in the lips goes even darker. The tattooing is time-consuming ( 2-3 hours).  The duration depends on the texture and the darkness of the lips.

Clients with dark lips have to understand that it may take multiple sessions, (usually requires 2 sittings but, if  the lips are very dark maybe more)  scheduled 6  weeks apart.

The “lightened” color will give your lip a softer and younger look, last over 3 years. Book your  FREE CONSULTATION  and we explain all details with pictures of results that can be expected.

Two section  $1250