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Susie Finato

Darl Lip’s Lightening specialist

Dark Lip Neutralisation,  Lip  Colour Correction &  Lip Blushing are all very different services in what they achieve !

Dark Lip Colour Correction, Dark Lip Lightening  & Lip Vitiligo Camouflage,  could be a life-changing procedure for many clients that struggle with discolored lips. Dark lip lightening has been controversial for many years in the permanent makeup/cosmetic tattooing however, it keeps getting more popular with female and male clients who wish to correct or lighten their lips.

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Dark Lip Lightening Tattooing Treatment

Dark lip correction treatment is an advanced technique. Melanin-rich (dark lip) usually thick, pretty tricky to work on. It is hard to get the perfect results right away. Usually 2-3 treatment needs it.. but sometime more… (6-10 weeks interval).

Clients with dark lips expect their lips to be much lighter and even toned, with a beautiful light colour which is personalised/ mixed  for every client. The most popular colours are nude, nudist-pink, nudist-rose, light berries.

We’re offer two different approach in dark lip neutralization, complete coverage or translucent results.

Dark Lips Color Correction – Dark Lip Lightening can be a life-changing procedure for many clients who struggle with discolored lips. Dark lip clients typically expect their lips to be even-toned and lighter, while pale lips clients wish to define the vermilion border and have more color coverage.

Every client requires a different approach to reach the best outcome, simply because every lip is unique. Dark Lips Color Correction has been controversial for many years in the permanent makeup industry; however, it keeps getting more popular with clients who wish to correct or lighten their lips. At Cosmetic Tattooing Sydney, we offer a range of pigment/colors that are recommended especially for , Indian, Hispanic, or Asian Lip.

Many permanent makeup artists reject clients with darker lips. Not every client is the right candidate for this treatment. Melanin-rich skin is very tricky to work on. Ethic lip correction is an extremely advanced tattooing technique that also requires knowledge of color theory and the right pigment, color selection.

Any lip correction is not going to happen during one session, especially ethnic lip color correction. Melanin-rich lips have a variety of hues. Some clients have greyish, bluish, purplish, brownish hues.

Dark Lips Healing Process

When dark lips start to heal and peel off, they can go light or dark in some spots. Sometimes clients might experience post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation that goes away but could be scary for a client. Depending on how dark and hyperpigmented the lips are, it might take multiple sessions to neutralize lips. The healing process of dark lips can be weird. Sometimes clients’ lips get darker at the beginning and lighten up after a few weeks. With darker lips, healing usually takes 6 -10 weeks; it is a long process.

Cosmetic Tattooing Sydney goes above and beyond to make sure your Dark Lips Color Correction permanent makeup treatment is safe, comfortable, and results oriented.  Our clinic follows the highest hygiene standards.