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Lips Lightening - Lips Colour Correction - Nude Lip

Lips Lightening – Lip’s Colour Correction is one of the newest techniques in Permanent Make-Up. Beautiful natural-looking semi-permanent pigmentation. Perfectly correct your lips color, with your lip shape.   

NUDE LIP,  latest trend from Paris,

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Lips Lightening-Lips Colour Correction,

Lips Lightening newest tattooing method gives you outstanding results if your lips are darkish. Nude lips from Paris, the latest must-have…”NUDE LIP”-, latest trend from Paris

In your first lips’ lightning session, the dark part of your lips colored only. When healed, you will end up with a  beige, pinkish color.

After 6 weeks the second lips lightning session may have to repeat the first step, depending on how well “covered” from the first session.

When your lips healed perfectly then we will use the color of your choice.

Book your FREE CONSULTATION  and we explain all details with pictures of results that can be expected.

Clients with dark lips have to understand that it may take multiple sessions for them to achieve the desired results.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent MakeUp spans the young to the more mature; those who desire a soft, natural enhancement to their appearance. It is especially valuable to people who can’t wear traditional cosmetics due to allergies and skin sensitivities. 
Eyelash enhancement always compliments and completes any eye makeup. Eyelash tattooing sits directly on the top lash line and perfectly blends into your lashes.
 Active people who want to look their best for sports activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, tennis, aerobics; and those who don’t want to worry about “sweating off” or reapplying cosmetics.

ParaMedical Tattooing

Uneven symmetry ~Nipples can be corrected to look more equal

Uneven color pigmentation ~ Some clients have pigment which has faded with age.  Refresh, bring back life to the nipple area

Post Mastectomy ~ After the surgery realistic nipples, areola tattooing.  The look is very realistic.

Scars Coverage ~ No tattooing can make the scars invisible!

The best choice, first scar’s removal with Plasma treatment  (depends, but usually 3 treatment give you excellent results)

IF a little scar remains then blending the color with tattooing.