Cosmetic Tattooing Sydney

Permanent MakeUp Clinic in Sydney CBD

Free consultation 15 min

Patch test  with consultation .30 min $75


Lip Flip~ $350.. 

Lip liner only …$350

Shaded/blended lip linerfrom…$450 – $550

Lip Blush $850

Aquarelle- $950

 Lip scars correction from~ $450

Dark Lips Lightening

$950- $1250  

Lip Vitiligo..

Retouch  CTS clients only ~ from $450… 

Eye Liners

Eyelash Enhancement ~ $550 (incl extra retouches, depends on your eyes’ sesativiti)
Eyelash Ench, with Thin Line ~ $600
Medium Line & Lash Def. ~ $650
Dusty Eyeliner & Lash Defination ~ $650
Retouch only for C.T.S. clients; $400- $450


Powder Brow (shading under your Brows) $650

Silhouette Brows ~ $750

Combination Brow ~$750

Removal, correction ; $200/150/100

Retouch CTS clients start  ~$400 -$450

Areola-Stretch M.-Scars

Areola Design 2 design ~ $800 (incl retouches)

Areola 1 design ~$400

Areolas repigmentation start~$600

Areola  scars, from/each session ~$350

Plasma “Scars Shrinking”, from ~$350

Face Micro Pigmentation

Cheek Blush~$550

Nose Conturing~ $550

Dark EyeCircles Correction ~$650

HairLine Micropigmentation “Hairstrokes” strat ~$700

Term Condition

Please don’t bring friends or family members with you to your treatment, to secure a safe environment in our treatment rooms and minimize distraction. NO children at the clinic, kindly ask our clients not to bring children to the premises.

You can re-arrange your appointment for a more convenient date or time as long as you give us 72 hours’ notice. Late cancellation fee $100

72 hours notice of a cancellation

If you’re 30 minutes late to your appointment and we cannot fit you in you will lose your deposit. Please allow yourself time for parking and possibilities of traffic at peak times.

Retouch; may not be scheduled for any sooner than 4 weeks and are valid for up to 8 weeks.
Prices are subject to change at any time

Vitiligo-Scars-Stretch Mark

Face-Neck camouflage ~ $350 (1/h)

Body Scars & Vitiligo from ~ $300 (1/h)

Strech M.- Needling ~$300(1/h)

Strech Mark Camouflage (Brazilian ) ~$350 (1/h)

Plasma Lift Price

All prices are estimated as each client needs are individual, treatment will be tailored to your need. Exact prices given upon consultation. To get the best results usually 2-4 treatment required

Half Neck Lift$550.00
Full Neck Lift$950.00
Upper Blepharoplasty (Upper Eyelids)$350.00
Lower Blepharoplasty (Lower Eyelids)$350.00
Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty$600.00
Eyebrows Lift$350.00
Crow’s Feet$350.00
Perioral Wrinkles (Marionette Lines and Nasolabial Folds)$490.00
Pre-auricular Wrinkles (In front of Ear)$350.00
Top Lip / Smokers Lines$350.00
Forehead/Frown Lines$350.00
TummyFrom $600
Stretch MarksFrom $350
Back of hands (both)$990.00
Skin Lesions (Skin tag/mole)$35 each $300/1h