Cosmetic Tattooing Sydney

Level 7 Suite 8
229-231 Macquarie St

Free consultation 15 min

Patch test  with consultation .30 min $95

Cancelation Policy 72 Hours

Late cancelation Fee $100

Lips Tattoo

Lip Tint ~ $650 (one section, special ink last 1-2/y)

Lip Blushing ~ $850 

Nude ~Candy ~Aquarelle Lip ~ Traditional Lipstick look ~$950

Dark Lips Lightening;

$1250 ~ 2 section with one free retouch

$1550 ~ 3 section with one free retouch

Retouch  CTS clients only ~ Start $450… 

Eye Liners

Eyelash Enhancement ~ $650
Eyelash with Thin Line ~ $750
Medium Line & LashDef~ $850
Thick Line & LashDef ~$950
Dusty Eyeliner & EyelashDefination ~ $750
Eyelids Shading Stardust $850
Retouch only for C.T.S. clients; $450


Powder soft edges ~ $750
Silhouette Brows ~ $850
Old Eyebrow Correction ~$950
Colour Correction 1 treatments ~$250
Retouch CTS clients; ~$450

Areola -Nipple-Scars

Areola design 2x ~ $950

Areola 1x ~$500

Areola repigmentation~$ 550

Areola  scars correction 1 treatment /60 min~$350

Vitiligo & Scars

Face & Neck ~ $350 (60 min)

Body ~$300 (60 min)

Scars start: $350 (60 min)

Plasma Scars Diminishing start ~ $350 depends on the size

Plasma Lift -Skin Tightening

All prices are estimated as each client needs are individual, treatment will be tailored to your need. Exact prices given upon consultation. To get the best results usually 2-4 treatment required

Forehead start ~$350

Eyebrow Elevate ~$350

Eyelids Tightening~$350

Under Eyes start~ $350

Crow Feet start  ~ $350

Top Lip (smokers line) start~ $250

Bottom Lip start ~$350

Lip Flip  start~ $300

Around the Lips start~ $550

Nasolabial Line  start~ $350

Mid Face lift From ~$650   (next two treatment, each~ $450 )

Lover Face Lift- Jaw Line~ $800- (next two treatment, each~ $450 )

Half Neck (front only)~ $450- (next two  treatment, each~ $300)

Full Neck ~$800 – (next two treatment, each  ~$450)

Term Condition

Please don’t bring friends or family members with you to your treatment, to secure a safe environment in our treatment rooms and minimize distraction. NO children at the clinic, kindly ask our clients not to bring children to the premises.

You can re-arrange your appointment for a more convenient date or time as long as you give us 72 hours’ notice. Late cancellation fee $100

Booking is non-refundable deposits, your deposit will be deducted from your treatment. If you provide more than72 hours notice of a cancellation, you can keep your deposit on file as a credit. We will only accept appointments being rearranged up to 3 times.

If you’re 30 minutes late to your appointment and we cannot fit you in you will lose your deposit. Please allow yourself time for parking and possibilities of traffic at peak times.
Retouch; may not be scheduled for any sooner than 4 weeks and are valid for up to 8 weeks.
Prices are subject to change at any time