Vitiligo & Scars Camouflage

Scars Minimising Treatment
Susie Finato
Vitiligo camuflage, micropigmentation  prices are based on treatment procedure time.  Our work is customized to each client’s needs based on skin size, skin texture, skin condition, location, and the colors we are matching.   Each client starts out on a minimum of 4 monthly treatments.   Prices start at $2,400 for a series of four two-hour treatments ( one hour $300).  In a two-hour session, we can camouflage up to 9 square inches (3″ x 3″) of skin. Last over 3 years.

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Vitiligo Camouflage Tattoo

The Vitiligo has been in remission for 1 year can be treated with ParaMedical tattooing. Vitiligo treatment: multiple treatments are necessary to build the color to completely match your skin color. It takes about 4weeks for the color to completely settle and stabilize in your skin. 

Every 4 weeks you need to be returned for more pigmentation until you have had a minimum of 3-4 visits on each treated area.

During each session, the color is reviewed and adjustments are made if needed to ensure that your color gets matched to your normal skin tones.

Do with the skin’s thickness and the treatment being painful were not offering camouflage; feet, elbow, knee and on the fingers.

Pls read the salon policy before booking your appointment;

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Generalized, which is the most common type, when macules appear in various places on the body.                                                                   Segmental, which is restricted to one side of the body or one area, such as the hands or face.                                                                       Mucosal, which affects mucous membranes of the mouth and/or the genitals.

Scars Camouflage

 The scar tattooing help to reduce the appearance of your scars, but it’s important to understand no scar will ever completely disappear. The scar camuflage tattooing takes several sessions.

Every scar is different: shape, color, the appearance of depth, and so on. Some scars require only a single treatment, others take multiple treatments. Results are cumulative and may take 6-8 weeks to fully develop.

Your scars have to be at least 12 months old with stable color healed and no longer pink or changing color. If your scars have dark edges this procedure, not for you!  

Post Inflammatory, hyperpigmentation from your surgery indicates you had a tendency to hyperpigmentation so the risk is too high. Your scar has to be smooth and flat. If your scars are bumpy or raised this treatment, not for you.

You must have realistic expectations. The camouflage tattooing will not restore your skin to the way it looked before injured. Immediately after the tattooing, the pigmented area will look dark and red and it takes several weeks to show the healed color.

Vitiligo & Scars Camouflage  Aftercare

If a tattoo is poorly cared for in the healing process it may not look well. The best thing to keep in mind while healing your tattoo is that a fresh tattoo is basically an open wound. It is a breach in your skin’s defense system so it is susceptible to infection. However,  if you follow the aftercare and take measures to keep your new tattoo as clean as possible you should have no issues.

Apply a very very very very thin coat of ointment. One of the biggest mistakes people make is using too much ointment. It prolongs healing and can cause breakouts. The ointment does not actually heal the tattoo, it is only meant to keep the skin moist. More ointment does not make your tattoo heal better. In this case, less is more.

After the first 3-4 days the tattoo will begin flaking.  Do not pick at any flaking skin or scabs. This may cause color to be pulled out.

No sweating, no swimming for 7 days, well as hot saunas.  Avoide being directly exposed to the sun  for at least 4 weeks.