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Plasma Lift is indeed a non-invasive treatment that aims to minimize the visible signs of aging with minimal downtime. This treatment utilizes a plasma electrical arc, which creates superficial burn dots on the skin. The skin tissue is instantly vaporized, resulting in the formation of scabs on the treated area. As these scabs naturally heal and fall off, the skin is expected to appear tighter and firmer.

During the healing process, it is common to observe a cluster of brownish spots, typically up to 2mm in size, on the treated area. These spots can be visible for a period of 4-7 days. It’s important to allow the scabs to heal and peel off on their own without picking or interfering with the healing process.

To protect the treated area and optimize the results of the Plasma Lift treatment, it is recommended to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 50 for a duration of up to 12 weeks. This will help protect the skin from harmful UV rays and prevent potential sun damage. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid using sunbeds, as they can also have adverse effects on the healing and final outcome of the treatment.

Following the aftercare instructions provided by your skincare professional is crucial to ensure proper healing and to minimize the risk of complications. If you have any concerns or questions during the healing process, it’s best to consult with your skincare professional for guidance and clarification.

It’s worth noting that individual experiences and healing times can vary, so it’s important to have a thorough consultation with a qualified professional to discuss the treatment, potential risks, and expected outcomes based on your specific skin type and condition.

One session $250 only 

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Skin Tightening - Skin Lifting with Plasma Pen

Plasma Fibroblast skin tightening is a non-invasive treatment that focuses on tightening and lifting the skin, as well as rejuvenating its appearance. It is commonly referred to as the “Plasma Lift” treatment. This procedure can effectively target fine lines and wrinkles, providing immediate results.

It’s important to note that while the Plasma Fibroblast treatment can deliver noticeable improvements in the skin’s tightness and overall appearance, the natural aging process of the skin will still continue over time. Factors such as genetics, lifestyle choices, and exposure to free radicals can affect the rate at which the skin ages.

With that in mind, it may be necessary to repeat the skin tightening treatment as the skin naturally ages and shows signs of laxity. The longevity of the results can vary from person to person, and the need for subsequent treatments will depend on individual factors.

To maintain the benefits of the Plasma Fibroblast treatment and optimize the longevity of the results, it’s important to follow a comprehensive skincare routine and make lifestyle choices that promote skin health. This may include protecting the skin from sun damage, adopting a healthy diet, staying hydrated, and using appropriate skincare products.

If you are considering Plasma Fibroblast skin tightening or any other cosmetic treatment,  to consult us we can assess your specific needs, discuss the potential benefits and limitations of the treatment, and provide personalized recommendations based on your unique circumstances.

Eyelids Lift with Plasma Pen

Plasma Lift skin tightening can be an excellent option for individuals with mild to moderate loose skin. It offers an alternative to address skin laxity and can provide noticeable improvements in skin tightness. The results can vary depending on factors such as the specific treatment area and the depth of wrinkles.

Once the skin has been tightened through the Plasma Lift treatment, the results are generally considered permanent. However, it’s important to note that while the treatment can provide long-lasting results, the natural aging process will continue over time. Factors such as genetics, lifestyle choices, and external factors can still impact the appearance of the skin.

The number of sessions required for optimal results can vary depending on the size of the treatment area and the client’s expectations. It’s necessary to have a face-to-face consultation with a qualified professional to evaluate the specific needs and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

The initial real results from the Plasma Lift treatment are typically visible after around 6 weeks. However, it’s important to keep in mind that individual response and healing times can vary. Patience and adherence to post-treatment care instructions are crucial for achieving the desired outcomes.

What Is Plasma Pen

Fibroblast Therapy

Plasma, Treatment Day

Please don’t use make-up in the treatment area.  We suggest taking an anti-histamine 60 min prior to your treatment to help with swelling and continue to take anti-histamines for 2-3 days following your treatment. The treatment time is usually 60- 90 min, (depends on the size of the area).

Immediately after treatment, the area will be red and swollen a little with small encrustations with discoloration. You may experience a sensation similar to a sunburn which will likely last a few hours.

Swelling may intensify over the following 2-3 day.
The encrustations, discoloration should resolve within 4-10 days depending on the individual and area treated.
The lifted ski, gradually improves the following 6 weeks. Following the treatment, you will be given thorough aftercare instructions.
The majority of people are safe to drive following their procedure as swelling does not set in until later that day.

Minor Skin Irregularities Removal: 1/h $300

Skin Tag
Cherry Angiomas (Ruby Points, Red Dots)
Telangiectasia & Spider Angiomas
Sebaceous Hyperplasia
Flat Hyperpigmentation (Age & Sun Spots)
Broken Capillaries on the face
Cholesterol Deposits (Xanthelasma)

Plasma Lift After Care

May not look your complete best during the Plasma Lift healing process (usually 4 to 10 days).
PLS be patient with the healing process allow yourself time to rest and heal…

Recommend to sleep on your back to avoid brushing your face on your pillow ( daily pillowcase change) if you had body treatment avoid using tight clothing.
Keep your scabs moist by applying (we give you the after-care serum) up to three times a day.
This will provide relief from any tendency to itch and help the “Plasma Lift” healing.
Occasional weeping will settle, can takes days.

There will be some mild swelling, especially around the eyes and periorbital region.
Swelling for 4 to 6 days post-treatment is normal.
The area treated must not be covered with plasters, occlusive dressing, or any type of make-up, mascara, creams, or any other product until the area has fully healed.
Recommended for taking Vitamin C, supplements over the course of your healing process can give your immune system a big boost.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine medication also helps. Later, consider the use of topical antioxidants to fight sun damage or pigmentation such as a Vitamin C serum.   The use of citrus juice, aloe vera, and soy are cited by some as good ingredients for preventing hyperpigmentation.

DO NOT exercise for 10 days after the treatment because any heat, steam, or sweat could add to the inflammation that’s already present.

You have to stay out of direct sunlight during the healing process also avoid excessive makeup.

Whilst the scabs are still present you won’t be able to get the areas wet such as having a shower.

The first 24 hours is always the period of risk for you to get any kind of infection, avoid activities where you could get dirty!


  • Clients prone to keloid scars are not ideal candidates.
  • Clients with diabetes, healing disorders, or lymphatic draining issues.
  • Clients with a sunburn-suntan should postpone treatment.
  • Clients who have a history of Hyperpigmentation are not ideal candidates.
  • Clients must not display any tanning at the time of the treatment.
  • Severe Cardiovascular conditions
  • Not for clients with pacemakers.
  • Severe circulatory deficiencies inc. ischemic tissue,  thrombosis, severe uncontrolled blood pressure.
  • Not for clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • This treatment is only recommended; Fitzpatrick scale 1-3
  • Anyone with darker complexions is at risk for Hyperpigmentation.
  • Malignancy and chemotherapy in the past 3 years
  • If you suffer from auto-immune disease or other illnesses which affect the immune system
  • Current or recent hemorrhage.