EyeLash Enhancement -Invisible Eyeliner

Best makeup base, must have ...
Eyelash Enhancement outline, make your lashline fuller, darker. Bring out the natural beauty of your eyes. Instantly give you a fresher, healthier look, without the noticeable effect of makeup. Excellent makeup base. You will realize the best thing you have down…

Highly recommended

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 Lash Enhancement-Definition 

Eyelash enhancement always compliments and completes any eye makeup. Eyelash tattooing sits directly on the top lash line and perfectly blends into your lashes….invisible eyeliner.
Eyelash Enhancement does not damage your lashes, opposite… Eyelash tattoo perfecting the other eyeliners tattooing especially suits to the Dusty Eyeliner.
Because it gives an undetectable definition for the eyes, man can enjoy this eyelash tattooing.

Topical anesthetics are applied before and during the procedure to keep pain, and discomfort to a minimum. The procedure requires approximately 90 min and there is no “downtime”. You look perfect after the lash enhancements tattooing. No pain, no redness, no swollen…


Eyeliner’s latest style visually improve the shape of your eyes.  Eyeliner tattooing gives your eyes a bolder look. It also gives an excellent base for your make up and when you want to take it up a notch and go full glam.

Topical anesthetics are used before and during the procedure to keep pain to a minimum.
The procedure requires approximately 2 hours depends on the eyeliner tattooing style, thickness.

There is minimal downtime.  Please note 1-2 days, eyes may be slightly swollen, appear uneven, and may be sensitive to the touch.     

Eyelash tinting, eyelash perming should be carried out no less than 2 weeks before your eyes tattooing procedure. 

A touch up is required 4-8 weeks after the initial procedure.

Stardust Eyelids Shading

Stardust eyeliner/ eyelids shading is a multi-faceted technique. Include an eyelash-definition, eyeliner, and magically shaded eyelids. A natural gradient of “dusty” color is created from the top line of the eyeliner.
This is a unique technique that gives your eyes a bold and sexy look while maintaining a soft delicate effect.
And the best part is you never have to worry about smudging or your eye makeup running.
 Eyelash extensions must be removed two days prior to your intended procedure. The procedure requires approximately two hours.
 Please note 1-2 days, eyes may be slightly swollen, appear uneven,   and may be sensitive to the touch. 
This technique established by S.O.

About Lash Grow Serums

 About lash growth serums;  open the capillaries on the eyelid, atrophy the subcutaneous layer of the skin, and harden the eyelashes.

Lash growth serums make the blood vessels more open, bringing more blood flow to the eyelids. This increases the capillary reaction, and when a needle hits that skin, it can cause abnormal bleeding and clotting, bruising, and possible pigment migration.

EYELASH GROWTH SERUMS,  you are using Latisse or any other lash growth products, you must stop using it two weeks prior to your intended tattooing and 4 weeks after your procedure. If you are wearing eyelash extensions, it must be removed one week prior to your intended Eyelash enchantment tattooing.

Lash Enhancement Aftercare

Your eyes cannot get wet at all. It would be best to wash and cleanse your face with a washcloth or wipes for these 7 days.
 NO sweating (hot yoga and the sauna will have to be on pause for 7 days).  No creams, no makeup directly on the eyes, no mascara.
No direct sun exposure (if you know you will need to be in the sun for extended periods of time you must wear a wide-brimmed hat).  
You must let the mini scabbing process happen naturally.
This is very important for your retention and skin healing.  
 DO NOT pick it! It can result in scarring and will affect your overall retention of the pigment.   After 7 days you may resume your normal life.

Nude Eyeliner for a youthful fresher look

If you want to refresh your eyes then highlight your lower eyelids with some whitish color...
We can brighten your eyes with cosmetic tattooing.
These techniques cover your lower “inner” eyelids with a “petite” delicate tattooing. Recommended colors; light beige, nude-whitish.
Eyeliners’ tattooing makes your eyes look larger more awake and fresher.

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